The Historic Markets

Any holiday in Catania would not be complete without a walk through the historic markets. As they are such simple places for shopping and exchanging goods, the markets have in recent years become a reference point for tourists visiting the city. The reason for their success lies in the very essence of the market: the sellers themselves, and their screaming calls (the “vuciata” in dialect) enticing customers to make a purchase at their colourful, fragrant stalls.

In the markets you can buy anything: fruit, vegetables, fish, meat, but above all you can really observe how people in Catania live. The true essence of Catania can be found within its people and their behaviour, passing down charming traditions from generation to generation. In addition to the many daily markets found in different neighborhoods, there are also some historic ones, which offer a greater number of sellers and merchandise. In particular, the Fera ‘o Luni market located in Piazza Carlo Alberto, and the Piscaria market in Piazza Alonzo di Benedetto.

Mercati Storici Catania
A Fera Catania
Mercati Storici Fiera Catania

La Fera ‘o Luni market is less than 1km from our bed and breakfast. Just go to Via Monsignor Ventimiglia and you will soon start smelling the aromas drifting towards you from all the wonderful gastronomical products displayed on the stalls. The name of the market means ‘Monday fair’ and comes from the fact that it was originally set up on the first day of the week. However, in recent years, it has been possible to shop every day and buy many specialties from Catania and the rest of Sicily, including toys, clothing, furnishings and all kinds of junk.

Mercati Storici Pescheria Catania

Walking through the narrow streets of the market makes you hungry, so we recommend taking advantage of the street food: snacking is also a fashionable pass time in Catania!

Catania’s fish market Piscaria is just over 2 km from our b&b. It is undoubtedly the most famous market in the city and home to many stalls that are spread out as far as Piazza Pardo in the heart of Catania’s historic centre. The spectacle that unfolds before your very eyes is truly remarkable for any tourist: screaming sellers calling out and enticing customers to come over while they are cleaning the fish, people approaching them, trying to barter the best price. The fact that it is a real fish market, just amazes the tourists! Walking through the stalls is a truly, unique experience where fishmongers do real business, buying great fish at a more affordable price.

Aside from the markets, there are plenty of other tourist attractions in Catania: ask our reception for more information.

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